Digital Transformation Dialogues: Navigating Finance, Sustainability, and Innovation

In a new podcast miniseries, join Professor Alan Brown in conversation with a panel of experts, as they unravel the complex threads of technology, finance and sustainability, offering insightful perspectives and thought-provoking discussions that will leave you inspired and informed.

Episode 1: Alan Brown in conversation with James Herbert

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James Herbert, CEO Pivotl

In this first episode, Alan talks to James Herbert, CEO of Pivotl, a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in scaling modern software and technology services businesses. Explore his journey from playing a leading role in significant data and technology initiatives in the UK government, to co-founding The Panoply, a company that now boasts over 600 employees and serves clients across diverse sectors. Learn how James’s entrepreneurial spirit has shaped the landscape of technology services.

Associated publication

Lessons Learnt from Government Digital Transformation

James Herbert

This paper examines the UK Government and Ministry of Defence's (MoD) transformation strategies, focusing on AI and data-centric approaches, highlights challenges due to late digital transformation, and offers insights from wider public sector transformations, focusing on procurement, technology, skills, leadership, and culture.

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