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Facilitating reusable datasets: a case study on locational data

The ability to reuse data could allow an organisation to use their resources more efficiently and deliver better value from the initial investment made.

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Enabling a culture of data sharing

This project will investigate the current state of practice with respect to data reuse by reviewing and comparing key sets of principles and guidelines that have been developed to facilitate data reuse. 
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Attitudes to Data

This set of research activities explore the challenges facing contemporary organisations to provide confidential data that is available, when needed, and is trustworthy.
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Data Management

Over recent years, experience with the use of digital data has grown to the point where a collection of mature practices has begun to emerge. 

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This project will work with the Defence Medical Services to understand the demand for AI and data-driven solutions, identify the most beneficial opportunities for AI adoption and produce a roadmap for their implementations.  

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Synthetic Data

This project will review the state of the art in synthetic data generation.  It will define metrics for assessing the quality of synthetic data and thus develop new algorithms for synthetic data generation.

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The DDRC Education programme focuses on increasing the AI and data literacy of stakeholders within the Defence sector. 

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Data resilience protects critical info, ensuring availability despite disruptions, essential for maintaining organizational reputation and customer trust. 

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