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These whitepapers provide in-depth analysis and insights into various aspects of defence data, artificial intelligence, and their applications in the defence sector.

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Attitudes to Data

Alex Hardy

Our exploration of data attitudes in the UK, funded by the Ministry of Defence. This study uses innovative LEGO® workshops to understand how organizations handle data. By engaging participants in interactive exercises, we uncover challenges and opportunities in data accessibility, security, and management. Our findings reveal practical insights into the relationship between data use and national security. 

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Towards a Sustainable UK Defence Sector: Leveraging capability

James MacGregor

This paper promotes the adoption of a circular economy in the UK Defence sector to bolster its sustainability objectives, minimize waste, foster new business models, and assist in reaching the Ministry of Defence Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach (CCSSA) targets.

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Generative AI and OSINT: Current priorities in fintech and their implication for defence

David G. W. Birch

This paper delves into how fintech advancements, notably AI systems like ChatGPT, might impact the defence sector, especially in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). It suggests prioritizing an in-depth risk analysis to understand potential threats and countermeasures linked to these technologies.

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Future of Decision Making in Defence: Discussion Points for a Research Agenda

Alan W. Brown and Jon Holt

This report highlights the main themes and concepts discussed at the DDRC's July 2023 (DDRC) all-day series of meetings to discuss
global trends in defence data.

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Cloud Computing in Government

Sacha Rook

This paper outlines the UK Ministry of Defence's (MOD) new approach to embracing cloud technology for efficient data management and rapid threat response, despite the challenges of lagging behind in digital transformation, and highlights plans to enhance capabilities through the Cirrus programme and partnerships with major cloud providers.

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Lessons Learnt from Government Digital Transformation

James Herbert

This paper examines the UK Government and Ministry of Defence's (MoD) transformation strategies, focusing on AI and data-centric approaches, highlights challenges due to late digital transformation, and offers insights from wider public sector transformations, focusing on procurement, technology, skills, leadership, and culture.

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